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Are you hundreds or thousands of miles away from a relative or close friend in a nursing home, wishing that you could visit more often?

Or are you willing to visit someone's relative in a near by nursing home, and then send the person e-mail message letting him/her know how the person is getting along?

If so, you have come to the right place.

Nursing homes can often be lonely places. Although some residents forge new friendships, many others long for visits from Family members who simply live too far away to visit frequently. This FREE service, is an attempt to fill that void. We are just beginning this service so we need lots of help. Any information you give us will only be used for the purposes stated in the request.

We are presently looking for three types of cyber people:

1) Those who are willing to visit a cyberperson's relative in a nearby nursing home.

2) Cyberpeople with parents or other relatives in a nursing home, who would like another cyberperson to stop in and say hello.

3) Area coordinators, who would be willing to take e-mail from the above two groups of people and put them in touch with each other. To do this all you will have to do is receive and send some e-mail to allow the initial contact.

We have divided the USA into four sections to start: the Northeast, the Southeast, the Northwest and the Southwest. As time goes on, and we find more people, we will divide these areas into states and localities. If you want to be a coordinator, click here and tell us what area you will oversee. If you have a relative or close friend in a nursing home, click here and tell us the name of the home and the location. If you want to visit someone's relative, click here and tell us the name of the nursing home(s) and the locations that you want to visit. Those who are willing to visit, will get first priority to have someone visit their relatives.


Presently we are in need of vistors for Great Neck NY, Albany NY

We have visitors ready to visit your relative in Renssear NY, DuBois PA, Rockport TX and Boston MA.

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